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BSB20120 - Certificate II in Workplace Skills

Skills for work

Course Information

This course reflects the role of individuals who have not yet entered the workforce or who are returning to the workforce after a long break, and are developing the necessary skills in preparation for work. They would carry out a range of basic procedural, clerical, administrative or operational tasks that require self-management and technology skills. They perform a range of mainly routine tasks using limited practical skills and fundamental operational knowledge within a defined context. Individuals in these roles generally work under direct supervision.

Knowledge and Skills developed

  • Working in the business environment
  • Getting ready for work
  • Work, health and safety requirements
  • Using the internet to research
  • Communication skills
  • Time management
  • Sustainability
  • Business software applications and devices
  • Thinking and problem solving skills

Units of Competency

(10 Units - 5 Core and 5 Electives)


  • BSBCMM211 Apply communication skills
  • BSBOPS201 Work effectively in business environments
  • BSBPEF202 Plan and apply time management
  • BSBSUS211 Participate in sustainable work practices
  • BSBWHS211 Contribute to the health and safety of self and others


  • BSBPEF101 Plan and prepare for work readiness
  • BSBTEC203 Research using the internet
  • BSBTEC201 Use business software applications
  • BSBCRT201 Develop and apply thinking and problem solving skills
  • BSBTEC101 Operate digital devices

Award issued:

Students who successfully complete both the theoretical and practical assessment components of this nationally recognised training will be awarded the qualification:

  • BSB20120 - Certificate II in Workplace Skills

Course Information

This course is delivered by Fully Online and has some Practical Activities delivered online with your trainer by video chat:

  • Completion of self paced online learning which takes approximately 52 Weeks or 280 hours (time taken varies depending on student committment)
  • Completion of a video based face to face practical assessment sessions (approx 1 hour) for each module.

Prerequisites: None

  • All assessments are submitted via our online learning portal.
  • All learning material for this unit is provided either via our online learning portal.
  • All equipment is provided for the practical assessments.
  • For further information regarding the terms and conditions of your enrolment please click here to read the student handbook
  • Learner Requirements

    You will require access to a computer or laptop and an internet connection to complete this course.

    You must also be able to use a web browser(such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge) and have your own valid email address. Shared emails addresses are not permitted, if you do not have your own email we suggest you create a Gmail address here

    A learner undertaking this course will require a specific skill level in Language, Literacy, Numeracy and Digital Literacy.

    The course has been assessed as requiring the following Australian Core Skills Framework levels:

    • Learning - Level 2
    • Reading - Level 2
    • Writing - Level 2
    • Oral Communication - Level 2
    • Numeracy - Level 2

    For further information regarding these levels click here or discuss the requirements to complete the course please contact our LLN officer via our contact page or via telephone on 1300 856 684.

    Note: - You may be required to complete a Language, Literacy and Numaracy assessment prior to be enrolment acceptance

    Cost: $995